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Fight Doping


Fight Doping

More and more sportspeople admit their doping consumption. A big doping shadow lies over the sport scene, especially in Austria. 2008, after the confession of professional cyclist Bernhard Kohl, the cycling sank on the deepest level. But itís not just cycling there are already different kind of sports which have clay feet.
But we have to say respect to all sportspeople who did confess, we all know that they donít bear the blame for it alone.
Nonetheless there stays a negative headline and shattered especially kids and teens. So itís all just a lie and there are no sportingly performances because everything was cheated.

The Austrian Musketeers came into being because of the Kugler family who loves sport and want to animate more people to it. Moreover the Musketeers should be a positive example for everybody. Therefore, whether in a team or alone, the Musketeers want to prove how great sport can be and what you all can achieve with training, ambition and endurance.
Hence the Musketeers have one aim at every competition one aim Ė to achieve the best performance which the own body can give and to proof with it that there is no need for doping Ė

ďOnly someone who understands sport knows what it really is and as a result of that never gets the idea to dope and lie to oneself.Ē


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