The Austrian Musketeers

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RAA 2010


The Musketeers and their crew are always searching for the next extreme bicycle race. Therefore they successfully finished RAAM twice and demonstrate at every race their performance of their racers and the solidarity as well as the organization skills of their team.
So the Musketeers and their crew hadn’t had enough with the Race Across America. A new challenge had to be found… the Race Around Austria (RAA).
RAA is a bicycle race along the border of Austria with 2200 km and approx. 28 000 meters of climbing. The race is almost the same as RAAM therefore it isn’t something new for our crew. That’s why it was official, even when there are only 3 racers who want to achieve a great performance for Austria. Now we will see how their motto “one for all and all for one” works out. An epic competition was waiting – and that in a threesome but still in the judging of a 4-Person team.
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Bernhard Kornherr, Günter Kugler, Manuel Wurdak
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