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Race Across America


Race Across America (RAAM) is the world’s toughest bicycle race. The race is 3.000 miles long, which are approx. 4.800 km, and leads through varied regions of the United States. This race let everyone know where there is their own limit, no matter if solo or team racer – this ain’t no tour. RAAM always goes from the west to east coast of the USA and the feet of climbing varies between 100 000 feet (approx. 30 400 meter) and 170 000 feet (approx. 51 800 meter).

The race course:
For many years the start of the Race Across America always takes place in Oceanside. After you’ve started, it won’t take long till you’re driving in your first challenge, the desert. Next the climbing starts slowly but constantly and you’re racing over the Rocky Mountains. After the highest point of the race there’s the next mental break-through – eternal long-drawn-out landscapes and corn fields on each side of the street.

The last big climbing which is waiting just before the finish are the Appalachians. After you are over the top and then over the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland you have finished the world’s toughest bicycle race.

The race:
Once you have started the clock won’t stop till you’re over the finish line. Compared with the most long-distance bicycle races like the Tour de France, RAAM isn’t a stage race. There is one route through America but how many miles you race each day is up to you. The same counts for your stationary phases where you eat and sleep (sleep is optional – but not advisable). Self-management is in demand!
Every racer has his own crew which has to follow him with a support car.

The categories of the race:
- Male
- Female

All solo racers have to qualify for the race. You can do that when you participating in one of the official qualification races of RAAM e.g. RAA. All racers of a team who official finished RAAM are allowed to start as a solo racer as well.
For more information see also UMCA.

- 2-Person team
- 4-Person team
- 8-Person team

In every team there are divisions for
male, female and mixed. As well there are divisions for class of age.
The age groups are:
- under 50
- 50+
- 60+

The bicycle categories are divided in
racing bicycles, recumbent bicycles and hand bikes.

Who’s behind RAAM?
For the first time RAAM took place in 1982. At that time it still had the name the Great American Bike Race. The concept caught on and the event grew bigger every year.
President of RAAM is Fred Boethling. Race Director since 2011 is George Thomas.

Here you can find the staff of RAAM

Fred Boethling - President

George Thomas - Race Director


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